Monthly Archives: April 2012

Teams adjusting to new, safer world of high school baseball

If the slogan “chicks dig the long ball” has any truth to it, there’s likely to be little romance stirring in high school baseball this season. The new BBCOR standards, designed to slow the speed of the baseball upon impact with the bat, seemingly have lived up — or down — to all the advance […]

Questions greet dawn of a new high school baseball season

The 2012 high school baseball season is here, with a few games scattered about Western Maine on Thursday and a smattering of Down East clashes kicking off the Eastern Maine schedule on Friday afternoon. Perhaps the biggest source of mystery this spring is how the new BBCOR standards for bats designed to reduce the speed […]

Basketball scoring could increase if rules were applied instead of interpreted

It’s perhaps the most common phrase directed toward game officials as the clock winds down or the final out approaches in virtually any sporting event — “let the players decide the game.” Typically that’s a suggestion that the officials should refrain from blowing the whistle and let the action take care of itself. I’m here […]